Full Sessions are Golden, Raleigh Family Lifestyle Photographer


Not all children show up ready to be photographed.  I am a new person, and not all kids adjust well to a new person with a big ol camera in her face :)  But, when you book a full session, you get a full session.  We stop, slow down, have a snack, play a game.  We let mom nurse the baby, dad play with big brother.   We walk and run around, all the while I am capturing these moments, the true moments of parenthood.  You would never know it from this session that baby girl was mad, and that big brother wanted nothing to do with me.  I could tell mom was nervous but I kept reminding her that I was capturing magic.  To date, their gallery was the largest I have ever delivered, well over 100 images.  I never promise this amount, nor do I ever plan on delivering this many.  But it was just SO GOOD.  Relaxed, quiet, no one shouting for smiles or attention.  I just walked them though the evening and this is what we got, well a fraction of it.  Full sessions are golden.